The European Society for CardioVascular Surgery (ESCVS) and the Chair for Education, European Exchange, and Trainee Program (EEET) have the pleasure and honor to present their very first Exchange Program (EP).

The aims of the EP are the creation of a high-valuable network of CardioVascular residents and specialists and to facilitate educational and scientific EPs between clinics and departments within geographical Europe. For these reasons, the ESCVS offers its members the opportunity to attend a 1-month period in a cardiac or vascular department abroad, shadowing high-expertise surgeon in high-volume centers that were selected for their impeccable quality for both clinical and surgical expertise. The EP will be recognized with an official certificate which will be given at the end of the stay and prior completion of the dedicated activity journal.

The ESCVS is the oldest European Society in CardioVascular Surgery and has a great history and experience in providing educational and learning platforms for residents and specialists in Vascular and Cardiac Surgery, as evidenced by the organization of annual meetings (since 1952), winter and summer schools.

Each participant can apply by filling out the dedicated Application Form (AF), which can be downloaded on this page, and by sending it duly completed to the email indicated. Application is free upon proof of being an active member of the ECSVS for the 2022 association year.

All the applicants must provide a curriculum vitae and a self-declaration of a personal health insurance, a proof of COVID-19 vaccination (e.g. green-pass), and/or any further certification required according to each national health regulations. Each applicant may consult the description of surgical activities and facilities provided by each hosting centers by clicking on the dedicated links. The applicant will have to self-grant the accommodation, unless otherwise provided by the hosting center that will in any case help in finding an accommodation.

In detail, the hosting centers that will be available for this year will be the following:

  • Cardiac Surgery
    • West-German Heart and Vascular Center, University of Duisburg-Essen – Essen (Germany)
    • Kolan International Hospital – Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Vascular Surgery
    • Padua University Hospital, University of Padua – Padua (Italy)
    • San Martino Hospital, University of Genoa – Genoa (Italy)
    • University Clinical Center of Serbia – Belgrade (Serbia)

The applicants could apply for the EP until July 31, 2022. The AFs will be then evaluated by the Executive Committee (EC) of the ESCVS and after that a ranking list will be published. The winning applicants will be then kept in contact with the hosting center and the stage period will start approximately during the second half of September according to the organizers.