Dear Friends and Colleagues,


the ESCVS has been blessed with exceptional presidential leadership since its creation and it is with great honour to be elected as President for the next two years (2018-2020).
When I first joined the ESCVS many years ago as Cardiac Counsellor, the thought of leading this society one day never crossed my mind; I wanted to help enrich the society’s scientific content, to share my experiences with our colleagues and help give access to information and techniques to our younger community.
Firstly, my most agreeable mission is to thank Professor Lazar Davidovic for a remarkable two years as President; during your leadership, you were a fine advocate for our society and succeeded in maintaining the missions of the ESCVS.

I am currently the chief of CardioThoracic Surgery at the Hospital Henri Mondor in Créteil, and Professor of CardioThoracic surgery at the University of Paris 12.
After receiving my Doctor of Medicine in 1984 in Paris, I underwent general surgery training at the St Vincent’s hospital in New York that proceeded to adult and pediatric cardiothoracic surgery in SUNY health in Brooklyn. After successfully passing the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of CardioThoracic surgery, I became a fellow at the American College of Surgery.
Fast forward to 1992 where I had the double honour of joining Professor Jean-Yves Neveux team at the Hospital Marie Lannelongue in Clamart and in parallel, Professor Alain Carpentier at the University Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris. With my biggest interest being minimally invasive cardiac surgery, in 2004, I pioneered a Mini Invasive Programme with Robotic Surgery for CABG and Mitral Valve repair whilst at the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris in Paris as a staff surgeon, being one of the first surgeons in France to execute heart surgery using a robot.
In 2012, I became Chairman the Cardiovascular surgery and transplantation department at the Brabois hospital, Nancy and Professor of CardioThoracic surgery at the University of Lorraine in Nancy.
Looking into the future; as the President of the European Society for Cardiovascular and EndoVascular Surgery (2018-2020), I will insure that my actions for the ESCVS will fulfil the society’s goals as stated in the constitution.
Over and above my commitments to this constitution, my aim is to build long lasting and fruitful relationships with National Societies, whose aims are similar to ours, to help give Young Surgeons access to our annual meeting, workshops and training schools as well as working towards creating a foundation where we can help Young Surgeons with research grants. Surgery, across all disciplines, has changed vastly over the years, and it will continue to do so. It will evolve, with new techniques and new devices being introduced over time.
Throughout my career to date, I have been lucky to be part of this evolution and to work with some of the best mentors and pioneers known to the CardioVascular Surgery world.
Because of these rapid changes, it is important, now more than ever, to ensure that we as surgeons are kept abreast, in real time, and to ensure that our young surgeons in training have access to the most current and best techniques available to them.

Once again, I would like to thank my peers in the ESCVS Executive Committee and the entire ESCVS community for electing me as the President of this important Society,

With my warmest regards,

Thierry A Folliguet, MD, FACS