The Executive Committee’s duties involve in particular:

  1. managing the activities of the Society and representing the Society;
  2. managing the property of the Society and finances;
  3. deciding on the Executive Committee’s Labour Code;
  4. creating and liquidating the Standing Committees (e.g. Scientific Cardiac and Vascular Programme Committees, Junior Committee, Advisory Board) and drawing up of the Committees’ Labour Code;
  5. making decisions related to the publishing of the journal of the Society

Executive Committee meetings shall be convoked by the President or a person appointed by the President.

  • The Executive Committee may also make decisions with the use of teleconferences, videoconferences and electronic mail votation (resolutions by circulation).
  • The Executive Committee may have employees constituting the Office of the Society, who shall provide administrative services to the Society.

The Candidates for Executive Committee Members shall be presented and elected during the General Assembly which coincides with the Annual Scientific Meeting (the Congress of the Society) by a majority vote of those Active and Honorary Members present at the General Assembly.